Guide JMS

How to buy ?: Either using your bank card ou via paypal account on their security site (https)
Select what you would like to buy then Click on "add to shopping cart" and you'll be guided through the procedure...

How to download ?: Once you have paid for your purchases you will instantly receive an email containing a confidential code and a link directing you to your download page. Once you have entered your code you will be able to download your purchases. This code is valid 7 days. You are not obliged to download all your items purchased the same day, you can return to your download page as many times as you wish during the 7 days of validity.

Delivery: if you have purchased a portable item, the leadtime will be postal, 1st class delivery (approximately 3 or 4 working days for France on reception of order). Nota, cds are either wrapped using digipack type boxes, or using cellophane film.

To become a member: You can become a member by registering (using the connection window). This will enable you to use the forum, to have your own personal space, to use the dedicated member pages, to archive your purchases, amongst other advantages... (it's free to register).